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About Us

Voninger Tech Solutions has been committed to serving its clients in the greater Boston area since 2004 with a particular focus on providing the kinds of IT solutions that best fit small business needs. Key service solutions include web presence with a professional website and email marketing, centralized server(s) for client database and bookkeeping file management, and regular maintenance of business computers in order to minimize loss of time or valuable data due to malicious viruses and broken machines. Our approach begins with a thorough site evaluation to determine your IT infrastructure’s strengths and deficiencies. This information is compiled and presented for client review where upon recommendations are made for consideration. Clients find it quite beneficial to have a detailed breakdown of their networked devices and software titles.

Voninger Tech Solutions will begin by making your existing equipment work more efficiently. Next, we outline ways to improve your network through hardware and software upgrades as well as adding new features that will provide more options and improved flexability.

• Focused on the unique IT needs of small businesses and non-profits

• We help our clients take full advantage of new technologies that increase productivity and expand their market availability.

¤  Network Design & Management

¤  Data Management

¤  Web Presence

¤  Search Engine Optimization

¤  Software Integration