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Technology Potential For Your Organization

New IT Tools

Today’s IT solutions offer powerful new tools that even the smallest organization can easily afford but cannot afford to be without. You must consider whether to host your data and software applications locally at your place of business or to evolve to "the cloud" for some or all of your needs. Determining the energy efficiency of your computer devices, establishing trustworthy and efficient data backup, as well as, providing remote accessible ways for your personnel to work while away from the office are all key items to consider. Voninger Tech Solutions can provide clear and simple explanations of these and other options available to you and precisely pinpoint how you can benefit from their integration into your place of opperations.

Better Security

Best Practices standards are changing with greater emphasis on individual personal information. How confident are you that your employee and or client information is protected? Network security, Computer security, Email security, Digital Document security are all important concerns today.

Cost Savings

Deployment of new IT tools will allow for increased productivity and substantial reduction of overhead expenses in a variety of different ways. In a difficult economy the realization of these benefits could allow for a transfer or reduction of personnel to allow for capital savings or expenditures elsewhere. Voninger Tech Solutions specializes in customizing unique combinations of such tools for your organization. Let us evaluate how you currently use your information technology and consult with you on changes or additions that would provide better productivity.